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Music and Events

06-11-16          D P and the Beer Backs

06-15-16          Matt Smith Acoustic  

06-16-16          North Plains Thursday Market 5pm-8pm Doug Plies Jam

06-17-16          JOY RIDE

06-18-16          D P and the Beer Backs

06-22-16          Matt Smith Acoustic

06-23-16          North Plains Thursday Market 5pm-8pm, Catherine Bede and                               Andy Harrison Duo

06-24-16          Mitch Ward and Tracey Graham   as  Macey Gard

06-25-16          Small Towne Ruckus

06-29-16          Matt Smith Acoustic

06-30-16          North Plains Thursday Market 5pm-8pm

07-01-16          The Strawberry Roan

07-02-16         McCarthey Creek 

07-04-16        North Plains 4th of July Parade     noon - 2pm

07-06-16        Matt Smith Acoustic

07-07-16        North Plains Thursday Market  5pm-8pm, 

07-08-16         Sig Paulson