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05-04-16          Matt Smith Acoustic

05-05-16          Doug Plies Cinco De Mayo Jam

05-06-16          Strawberry Roan with Willow Welson, Jim Loyer

05-07-16         The Kentucky Derby    and  Doug Plies

05-08-16          Mothers Day

05-11-16          Matt Smith Acoustic

05-12-16          Doug Plies Jam

05-13-16          From The Top Band

05-14-16          The RESPONSIBLES with Charlie Cook

05-18-16          Matt Smith Acoustic  

05-19-16          Doug Plies peanut butter and jam

05-20-16          Joy Ride with Shelly from Responsible Party

05-21-16          ROGUE BLUEGRASS BAND

05-25-16          Matt Smith Acoustic

05-26-16          Doug Plies Memorial Jam

05-27-16           Memorial Weekend

05-28-16           Memorial Weekend